To ensure the highest quality...

Terradyne has opted to have our Austin, Dallas / Ft. Worth and Denver laboratories accredited by AASHTO’s AMRL.
Terradyne’s Dallas / Ft. Worth and Denver laboratories are also accredited by AASHTO’s CCRL.
Through AMRL and CCRL’s rigorous review of testing, equipment, and quality system management, the AASHTO accreditation program recognizes the competency of a testing laboratory by assessing both the equipment and the staff’s abilities.

“AASHTO accreditation is important in many ways. Accredited laboratories can demonstrate that their testing services not only conform to specific national and international standards, but are also of the highest quality. Accreditation can also enhance a customer’s confidence in the testing provided by the laboratory. Accredited laboratories have been subjected to vigorous on-site, third party assessments. Additionally, a detailed review of all accreditation requirements, including participation in the AMRL and CCRL proficiency sample programs, is conducted for each accredited laboratory at least once per year.” - AMRL

Terradyne is a certified Minority/Disadvantaged/Small Business Enterprise and Historically Underutilized Business (MBE/DBE/SBE/HUB) by the following entities:

California Unified Certification Program (via Caltrans) – MBE, DBE

City and County of Denver – MBE, DBE, SBE
Colorado Department of Transportation – DBE
Denver Area RTD – SBE

Texas Department of Transportation (via NCTRCA) – DBE
Dallas Fort Worth Minority Development Council – MBE