Terradyne’s oldest predecessor company dates back to 1979.  Terradyne was established in 1995 with a vision that still drives the company today: building long term relationships by creating and implementing practical, cost-effective, real-world solutions for our clients.  Terradyne serves the private and public sectors providing environmental and civil engineering services.  With our commitment to customer satisfaction, Terradyne has built long lasting professional relationships with our clients.

Being a DBE/MBE firm in several jurisdictions in California, Colorado and Texas, we take pride in our diverse background. We are committed to building strength and excellence in our staff by encouraging continuing education and developing leaders from within.

Today, Terradyne has six offices in four states and is licensed to perform engineering services in fourteen states.  Terradyne is a multi-disciplined engineering firm with services consisting of environmental site assessments, civil site design, geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing.